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I S S U E    N O .    60  [August 2017]

Peter Auer

Gaze, addressee selection and turn-taking in three-party interaction

Abstract: In this paper, I argue that gaze behavior in multiparty interaction is essential for two aspects of turn-taking: for addressee selection and for next-speaker selection by current speaker. The two conversational tasks are related, but – at least in longer turns – not identical and should be distinguished analytically. In multiparty interaction, addressee selection by gaze is a non-trivial issue, as most bodily arrangements make it hard or impossible for the current speaker to look at all (intended) addressees at the same time. Rather, current speakers alternatingly look at the co-participants they want to address. Further details of this pattern of gaze alternation are discussed.


Keywords: addressee selection, current speaker selects next, turn-taking and gaze, eye-tracking, multi-party interaction

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Auer, Peter: Gaze, addressee selection and turn-taking in three-party interaction. InLiSt - Interaction and Linguistic Structures, No. 60, August 2017, URL: http://www.inlist.uni-bayreuth.de/issues/60/index.htm



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