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Beatrice Szczepek

Formal Aspects of Collaborative Productions in English Conversation

Collaboration between speakers on different linguistic levels is one of the basic conditions for functioning talk-in-interaction. In this paper the notion of interactional collaboration is taken up with respect to conversationalists' deployment of syntax and prosody. The phenomenon under discussion is the collaborative production of syntactic constructions and prosodic units by two speakers.

The following investigation will attempt to categorize collaborative productions according to some of their formal characteristics. In addition, it will be claimed that collaborative productions are non-competitive incomings into the turn-space of another speaker and cannot be considered interruptions.

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Szczepek, Beatrice : Formal Aspects of Collaborative Productions in English Conversation, InLiSt - Interaction and Linguistic Structures, No. 17, June 2000, URL: <http://www.uni-potsdam.de/u/inlist/issues/17/index.htm>


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